Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Activate your subconscious
to reset unhealthy responses to stress.


Fear, worry, anxiety, and depression. These pressures spring from an inability to break patterned reactions to stress.  But you don’t have to be stuck with them forever. 

Coping with stress is something we all experience.  How you cope is a reaction you can control.

At Positive Changes, our clients have exchanged their worries for new outlooks, as we’ve helped them create positive responses to managing both avoidable and unavoidable stressful events.  Using a mindful approach to handle life’s stresses, you, too, can find renewal, as you set aside the exhaustion that anxiety brings.

Life feels so much lighter when stress ceases to be a burden and becomes a simple catalyst to personal growth.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Gain new perspective
  • Find balance in life
  • Manage situations that create anxiety
  • Increase relaxation
  • Create a mindful approach to just about any situation
  • Improve energy levels
  • Increase self-confidence


  First Personal Hypnosis Session

Your first hypnosis session is scheduled for 90-minutes to allow opportunity for one of our certified hypnotists to get to know you, understand your circumstances, and your goals.  This first session will directly address your challenges and set you on a path to personal transformation.

All of your personal hypnosis sessions will be recorded for you for reinforcement and motivation after you leave our Center.  This allows you to listen and work your program, when and where you feel most relaxed and comfortable.    

  Welcome Aboard

Your orientation to Positive Changes starts with a private, complimentary consultation with a member of our team who will carefully listen to your goals.  We’ll seek to understand your habits, work and lifestyle, and individual circumstances to develop your personalized Roadmap for Change.

  Personal Coaching Sessions

Personal coaching sessions are designed to ensure you are on track to achieve your goals. Our hypnotists, who are also trained coaches, will collaborate with you to review your progress and identify where you feel you need support.  Each coaching session is followed by a pre-recorded hypnosis process that aligns to your specific needs.


Audio hypnosis processes are carefully selected to reinforce your goals and are designed to empower and accelerate your success.

  Group Skill Building Sessions

Small group gatherings provide you with the encouragement, knowledge and resources to reach your goals.

  Your Compelling Future

With your program success, time to celebrate finding new life enjoyment. Your final session brings everything together and lays the foundation for lasting well-being.

Our Guarantee

Our GuaranteeYour Satisfaction is Our Priority

We're confident in our effectiveness.