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Gary Rogers from Boise, ID

My name is Gary Rogers.  I live in Boise, Idaho and work as an Insurance Broker.  I first heard about Positive Changes Hypnosis while sitting next to one of their employees on a flight from Boise to Spokane.  After that I began thinking it might be the best way for me to finally, successfully lose weight.

I weighed 185 lbs in 1970 when I returned to college after a hitch in the military.  Upon graduation from college three years later I went to work full time and started putting on the pounds a few at a time. It got worse through the years.  I was never morbidly obese.  At my heaviest I weighed 235 lbs.  However, I was upset with my appearance and worried about my health knowing I was at risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes.  That's when I decided to contact Positive Changes Hypnosis.

I'd tried to lose weight by going to a gym as often as I could but I lacked the motivation to make good food choices.  Thus, when I slacked off going to the gym, the weight came right back.  At Positive Changes Hypnosis, I learned to recognize poor food choices.  I also learned to listen to my body saying it was full.  My weight loss has been consistent and I've hit very few plateaus.

I've had steady weight loss every week since starting the program six months ago.  At this point I have lost 45 lbs and I'm back down to that magical 185 lbs.  My waist is six inches smaller and I've gone from shirts that are L or XL to a Medium size.

My behavior began changing right after the first session.  I came home and took a look at what I'd stocked in our garage refrigerator.  It was full of carbonated beverages.  I let them sit there for about two weeks and then, knowing I was never going to drink them, I donated them to a charity.  I have gotten motivated to exercise more than I ever did before.  Almost every night after dinner I get on my treadmill for 45 minutes of walking.  It is low impact and doesn't jar my system the way running would. 

My eating habits have also changed.  I had no control of my appetite before coming to Positive Changes and used a full stomach to fight off stress.  It didn't work.  I now regard food in terms of how much I actually need and what it takes to get me to the next meal.  Over the holidays our office was full of treats sent by our clients and business associates.  That I was not tempted to indulge, much less over-indulge, is an example of how my eating habits have altered  since I started my program with Positive Changes Hypnosis.

I now have a tremendous amount of energy.  When I'm walking, I feel that if I want to run or jump over something, I can do it.  For a 60-year-old guy that's really something.  I feel that my body is much more athletic than it used to be.  I've been able to climb up to the high mountain lakes I used to love when I was younger.  Playing 18 holes of golf does not wear me out as it used to.  I really appreciate that.  If I'm at the beach or the swimming pool, I can wear a pair of swim trunks without being embarrassed.  It's been years since I felt that way.  It's like a whole new life!

Losing all that weight has given me so much more confidence and self-esteem that I sometimes worry that I'll become insufferable to the people around me.  I feel so much more serene now that I've gotten control of my stress.  When other drivers cut me off in traffic, I seem more inclined to just let it go; they weren't actually trying to make me angry.  There's no need to get upset when we're all just trying to get where we're going.  My wife has noticed that I'm more relaxed and in control of my emotions.  She loves the new me.

For many years I have had a running battle with high cholesterol.  I have had to take prescription drugs in order to get it under control.  My doctor heartily approves of the recent changes in my lifestyle.  He had been after me to make better eating choices and get more exercise.  Until I found Positive Changes Hypnosis I simply could not make myself do it.  It always seemed impossible.

I feel that the cost of the PCH program has been well justified.  Although it was more than I had initially anticipated spending, I recognized from the first day that it was the one thing that would work for me.  Consequently, I bit the bullet and laid out the cash.  I have never regretted that decision for one minute.  At this point I have the best health I have ever had and a much improved frame of mind.  I could never put a price tag on that.

I am always delighted to recommend Positive Changes Hypnosis to anyone willing to listen to me.

* By following our program, our clients lost more than 4 lbs. on average in their first 3 weeks.
Results from a study commissioned by Positive Changes and performed by researchers at The Ohio State University.
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